Calling all Foodies!

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Do you find yourself drawn to festivals because you love sampling the food trucks? Do you perk up when confronted with a summons to jury duty because you suddenly remember  the awesome breakfast tacos served up by that food truck closest to the courthouse parking lot? If driving by a little patio decorated with festive lights and a few tables in front of a food truck in some random and otherwise vacant parking lot immediately inspires you to pull in, you are not alone.  Because everybody loves food trucks, right?

Great news! Fort Worth created a special place for food truck fans to gather. No more waiting for Mayfest, the 4th of July at Panther Island Pavillion or the Main Street Arts Festival to roll around.  Now we can have food truck fare whenever we want it. It’s like the best part of every festival has become a festival of it’s own–and it’s open every weekend!

The Fort Worth Food Park   is located just west of downtown Fort Worth at 2509 Weisenberger St.  The addition of the Cantina which serves local artisan craft beers and $2 Mimosas every Sunday, completes the party-like atmosphere. When you bring together local music, fun food trucks, and a beautiful Fort Worth weekend, it doesn’t get much better than that. Check out their calendar to see what’s on the menu and try it out. It may become one of your favorite spots for a night (or an afternoon) out on the town.