Enjoying the New Season

It’s official–daylight savings time ended this past weekend and our days are shorter. We’re still waiting for the cooler temperatures but I, for one, will not complain about that.

Before those cold fronts move in to stay, check your heater to make sure it will keep your apartment nice and cozy. Don’t be alarmed if it smells funny or even sets your fire alarm off the first time you turn it on. It has collected dust over the summer and turning on the coils burns off the dust particles that have collected on them since last season.

dog napIf you notice any problems, notify the maintenance team right away.

Other items you may want to think about, to make sure you will enjoy  a hassle-free autumn/winter season at our community include:

  1. Checking the weatherstripping around doors and windows to make sure cool air cannot seep in and drive your energy bill up. If you notice drafts, we can probably fix that for you.
  2. Installing insulated curtains or drapes over windows helps lower heating expenses as well as adding designer touches to your rooms.
  3. Make sure your a/c filter is fresh and new for the season ahead. Contact us if you need a filter change.
  4. As we move into colder weeks keep an eye on the weather and watch for freeze warnings from the office. We will instruct you when to drip your faucets and leave cabinet doors open to avoid freezing pipes. If you plan to travel, let us know so we can make sure you heat is on and faucets are dripping in your absence.

This is also the time of year that we shop online for the Holidays. Black Friday is just around the corner. Please keep in mind that during the Holiday Season our package room is full every day. Due to our storage limitations we are unable to  hold packages for more than three days so when you get those parcel delivery notices please pick them up promptly. Also we do have a size restriction on packages being held in the the office. If you plan to have something delivered that is over 24″x24″ you will need to request front door delivery or make alternate shipping arrangements.

Now that we’ve given you the best recipe for enjoying the new season in our community, relax and make the most out of it!