Your Apartment Checklist for Flawless Entertaining

It’s time to start those holiday shopping lists and getting your apartment ready for special visits from family and friends. There’s one checklist many of us overlook that can cause an unexpected snag despite our careful planning if we don’t give it some attention.

You still have a week left before Thanksgiving, so now is the time to mark this check list off your “To Do” list.

Plumbing: Check your plumbing for dripping faucets, slow draining sinks and tubs or toilets not flushing properly. Give your garbage disposal a few whirls to make sure it will handle everything coming it’s way.

When cooking here’s some no-no’s for the disposal; potato peelings, stringy foods like some types of squash and pumpkins are known for, coffee grounds and banana peels. Should your disposal stop up, turn it off and carefully remove the contents. There is a reset button either on top or on the side of the disposal. Push the the reset button and start the disposal. If that doesn’t work, notify maintenance.

Electrical: Check to make sure added holiday decor will not overload your breakers. If you are adding to the electrical load and suddenly outlets or light switches stop working, you have probably tripped a breaker. Check the breaker box to see if any are flipped over to the off position. Before resetting the breaker, reduce the electrical load that is causing it to trip. You may have to move some things around to balance the load of your extra electrical usage.

Stove: Test the oven prior to your holiday bake-athon to make sure temperatures inside are matching the temperature you set on the dial. You can test this with an inexpensive oven thermometer. If the temperature of the oven is off, maintenance can fix that for you. Don’t wait until you’re trying to cook a turkey to find out you need them to look at your oven. The same is true for your stove top. Test your burners to see if they are working properly. ┬áThis is really important if you are hosting a holiday dinner or expected to bring the sides. Maintenance calls regarding stoves keep our team busy the day before Thanksgiving and the day of. You don’t want to be the 3rd or 4th call having to wait for service you need right away so plan ahead.

HVAC: Turn on your heater, if you have not yet done that this season. Allow the dust to burn off the coils and the heat to run for about 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t panic if it causes your smoke alarm to go off. This is normal. Did I mention you get to test the smoke alarm as well?

Fall is definitly allergy season for alot of people. Household dust and pet dander can build up in your air filters and really create problems with the heater running. If it’s time for a filter change, let us know. You need for your guests to be as comfortable as you are in your home.

Parking: When you invite guests to our community, be a good host or hostess and spy out the closest available visitor parking for them prior to their arrival. You can easily advise them where to go as they enter the community. They will thank you for being so thoughtful. Remember that Holidays always bring extra visitors and parking can be tight. It’s best to have a plan ready for your guests so they can enjoy their time with you. ┬áParking is also available in front of the office, so you can always pick them up or meet them there.

Avoid Shipping Disasters: If you’re like me, you are not about to step foot outside on Black Friday when you can shop from home on Cyber Monday. If our office hours are not condusive to your schedule, you may want to make alternative shipping arrangements. Many employers will accept packages for employees. We also have size restrictions due to our limited storage capacity so anything you order that will be larger than 24″x24″ or require a signature will be turned away. Consider those restrictions when you are shopping online so that you’ll recieve your orders without any additional hassels. After all, that’s the whole point of shopping online, right?

Now that you’ve tended to your apartment checklist, enjoy the shopping, decorating, cooking and time off with friends and family. May your home be filled with lots of laughter, love and memories this holiday season.